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When “Inappropriate” is Inappropriate

Inappropriate Book

From Corpus Libris. What is this book?

I find it most inappropriate when people respond to my psychotic, lewd ideas with the ultimate trump card: “It’s inappropriate.”


“Church is the best place to pickup girls because they’re virgins and sexually repressed. I’d really be doing them a favour and isn’t the intimate love between a man and a woman a type of God’s love? A gift?”


“Don’t you think the grades of teenage boys would improve if they had a hot teacher that gave all the ‘A’ students a blowie?”


Wheel Chair Sex

From Frogsmoke.

“What about giving a hand job to disabled people who can’t masturbate?”


What do you mean by, “It’s inappropriate”?  At one point, it was inappropriate for women to wear pants, or get an education.  It was inappropriate for a black person to speak to a white person unless spoken to first.  It was inappropriate to be gay.  It was inappropriate to speak against your country’s government.

“It’s inappropriate” is not an argument.  All it really says is, “I don’t feel it’s right”.  But why?  Give a real argument about why it would be a bad idea, and actually think about why it might be a good idea even though at first it sounds counterintuitive.  While expressing how we feel is important, it’s also important to remember that “It’s inappropriate” is not the end of the conversation, but only the beginning.

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