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Quoted For Truth: Infinite Patience Brings Immediate Results

Patient Cat

“Infinite patience brings immediate results.”  — Wayne Dyer

I’m not a fan of New Age or Wayne Dyer for that matter, but I am a fan of good ideas regardless of their source.  The above quote rang true to me on 2 levels:

The Calculus

I’m not sure if Wayno meant it this way, but the geek in me started translating the quote into some maths.

When we are highly impatient, things seem to take a long time.  The more patient we are, the less time things seem to take.  Therefore, the limit as patience goes to infinity is equal to things happening immediately.  But other than being an intellectual diversion, this interpretation isn’t that useful.

The Inner Peace

A more useful interpretation is to think about how infinite patience affects our inner being and the people around us.  If we have infinite patience, we are not antsy to be somewhere else, or in a different time.  Instead, we are at an inner peace.  By merely flipping the patience switch,  the inner result is real and immediate.

The outer result is also real and immediate.  No longer do we feel like taking a baseball bat to the crying child in the airplane, or sticking a sickle up the cunt of the cunt working at the DMV.   Instead, our Zen-like infinite patience ripples out in waves of calmness, soothing even the most agitated people around us.

I don’t think any of us can actually reach infinite patience (perhaps the calculus is useful after all), but it is a worthy goal to strive for.  And may it bring us (almost) immediate results — but let’s not be impatient to get those immediate results!

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  1. Lou says:

    I like cats and mice but your picture is really scary!!! Anybody afraid of mouse wouldn’t visit your site until it’s been booted out of your page lor!!!

  2. It is kind of scary, but I love the look on that cat’s face. =)

    1. Lou says:

      just noticed you reply me, how come no email notification ga?? >_<…

      1. I think it’s because I just added another comment instead of clicking “Reply” like I did just now.

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