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HopeForget polite conversation.  Forget platitudes.  Forget tiptoeing around touchy subjects.

We aren’t gonna be afraid of bad words, big words, big bad words, strong words, subtle words or sacred words.

We won’t be scared of sex, politics, religion, drugs, ethics, love, philosophy, self, spirituality, God,¬†rationality, or the meaning of life.

We will thrive on exploring new ways of thinking, and being bold in thought and action.

6 Responses to "About"

  1. Lou says:

    add oil and make new entries in 2012 la ^.^

    1. Add oil, as in…oil wrestling? =) Yeah, I’ve been on a little break, but I should be adding more soon!

  2. Lloyd Ritchey says:

    You an English major with a philosophy minor, or the other way around by chance?

    1. I’m officially a computer science major, but I would consider myself a self-taught philosophy minor. As for the English, I attribute what I have to somewhat natural ability.

      Thanks, that question is a true compliment!

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