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Is That a Word? It is Now!

Is That a Word?  It is Now!

Is “truthiness” a word?  The joke implies that it is not.  But if it isn’t a word, then what is it?  What makes a word a word?  The fact that it’s in a dictionary? But what happens before a word is a word?  At some point, “fellatio” and “cunnilingus” were not words.  At some point, the entire English language as we know it today “was not a word”. Have you ever had the pleasure of being … Read entire article »

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Scientists Are Not Human

Scientists Are Not Human

“Most scientists today subscribe to a mechanistic view of the mind.  We’re the way we are because our brains are wired up in the way that they are…But we scientists are inconsistent.  If we were consistent, our response to a misbehaving person like a child murderer should be something like, ‘This unit has a faulty component, it needs repairing.'”  That’s not what we say.  What we say is, ‘vile monster, prison is … Read entire article »

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