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Spit or Swallow? Science Says Swallow!

The science says swallow…at least during pregnancy, according to this article entitled “Correlation between oral sex and a low incidence of preeclampsia: a role for soluble HLA in seminal fluid?“.  You need a subscription to read the whole article, but this excerpt from the abstract should suffice:

The present study shows that oral sex and swallowing sperm is correlated with a diminished occurrence of preeclampsia…

Of course, if that’s not enticing enough for you, who can resist crème caramel?


I have to wonder how funding for this study happened.  Perhaps the fact that science is still largely an “old boys club” came in handy.

Professor Scruemall: “You know, it’s no big deal, but, I mean, maybe I’m asking for too much, like she already does a great job and it feels…”

Professor Upyers: “Oh, what is it?”

Professor Scruemall: “My wife won’t swallow.”

Professor Upyers: “I see.”

Professor Scruemall: “Now, if perhaps there was a study proving the benefits to her, then maybe that would persuade her.  She does admire and believe in science…she married me after all.”

Professor Upyers: “I wonder if there’s already been a study on this before…well, no there isn’t.  And I guess somebody has to do it.”

Professor Scruemall: “I concur.  In the name of science!”

Professor Upyers: “But, what if it turns out it’s bad for you?”

Professor Scruemall: “Well, my wife doesn’t keep up with all scientific findings.”


Can you imagine setting up the study?

“Okay, you gals are in the control group.  No swallowing for you…”

“You gals won the toss.  Now swallow like good little girls, k?”

If they really want to get the youths interested in science, this story needs to be told.

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