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Hating the Hater

Haters Baby

Thanks to Snarfin.

You Know What I Hate?  I hate haters. I hate people who go off on rants about how much they hate people.  I hate people who use the fucking F-word all the time.  I hate people who start every sentence with “I”.  I mean, how arrogant can you be?  I also hate people who don’t know how to spelle.  It’s right up there with people who don’t know there homonyms.  Duh! Dumbasses!  You know what else I hate?  Sarcastic people.  But you know what’s worse?  People who don’t get sarcasm.  Once, I was like, “Hey, I’d totally love to do your dog.”  And this guy was like, “Oh yeah, he talks about you all the time.”  I was like, “Whatever man, I was being sarcastic.  Duh!”  Some people just don’t get it.  But the worst, worst, worst of it all is people who write really negative posts.  Fucking morons.

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