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Where have I been?  Had a short stint writing for  The site is more professional than this one, but since it was an unpaid gig, I’m still just a bro and not yet a pro.  I did notice, however, that my articles got the most Facebook shares and tweets.  Google Analytics corroborates their story.  So if anything, at least it’s a little encouragement to keep on going.

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them:

First one there may be a rotten egg, but first one there got laid

What’s up, slut?

Top 10 signs that you’re a pervert

The ins and outs of backwards compatibility

Later, “bros”!

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Priest Nun Ice Cream

Some would argue that having more sects improves interpersonal relationships, fosters mutual sharing of ideas and promotes understanding of different points of view.

Others prefer to have less sects, but deeper and more meaningful sects.

What about oral sects? Ideas passed on in oral traditions change over time as they are interpreted within the context of each generation.

But some people would prefer if sects remained the same all the time. They view values as sacred and any deviations as a corruption of what is true and beautiful.

What’s your view on sects?

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gandhi-with-a-god-complexOf Leaders and Politicians

A Politician tells the people what they want to hear.  A Leader tells the people what they ought to hear.

A Politician’s focus is on his career.  A Leader’s focus is on the Happiness of the people.

Leader’s lead — they speak to truth and goodness, summoning the resources to back them.  Politicians are lead — the masses and the money direct the Politician’s speech.

We have many Politicians, but only once in a while, a Leader emerges.  Why?

Depth Versus Breadth

There is a fundamental relationship between depth and breadth.  More depth means less breadth and vice versa.

If we consider the number of people in the general population that have a certain level of knowledge of economics, an emotional quotient to delay gratification for a greater reward later, and the expertise to cut through bullshit rhetoric, that number decreases as these skills increase.

Depth BreadthThat’s why it is far more difficult to be a Leader than a Politician.  A Politician can pander the greater breadth by promising immediate rewards and using logically ill-founded but psychologically powerful rhetoric.  A Leader will appeal to the tip of the pyramid and have fewer, but “deeper” votes.

Politicians often underestimate the power of deeper votes.  On paper, 1 million votes looks a lot better than 200,000 votes.  But deep votes have a power that is not seen in the polls.  It is those deep votes that will campaign for you, volunteer their time, will be the most informed and most zealous.  Deep votes take longer to mature, but when they do, they explode and overpower the shallow votes.

Jesus was an example of such a leader.  Even if you don’t believe in Jesus in the Christian sense, or even believe he existed, his story is one of overturning the status quo by speaking Truth.

Gandhi is another example.  You don’t get followers to do acts of mass civil disobedience at the risk of their life with shallow promises — you have to speak Truth that touches their hearts.

A man does not have himself killed for a half-pence a day or for a petty distinction. You must speak to the soul in order to electrify him. — Napolean Bonaparte

In recent US politics, Ralph Nader, with his background in consumer advocacy, always spoke the truth and urged people to do the right thing.  His message didn’t have widespread appeal, due to the breadth/depth pyramid, but his influence is important nonetheless.

This is why the 2012 US presidential elections are so exciting.  We have another Leader Ron Paul running for president, and this time, it looks like those deep votes are starting to explode — he is actually a serious contender.  Like Nader, he tells the people what is good for them rather than what they want to hear.  He’s in it to help the people, not himself (As a demonstration of this, he has announced that he will not be taking his congressional pension).  He accepts backing from people who believe in his message, rather than changing his message to attract more backing.  Most importantly, he says shit that makes sense.

Nader’s a Democrat, and Paul is a Republican.  But the distinction between Democrat and Republican is akin to the distinction between 2 sports teams.  The real distinction we need to look at is between Leaders and Politicians.

A Leader brings people together instead of vilifying the other side.  Ron Paul is probably the one Leader who has the most following from “the other side”.  In fact, there is a movement for Democrats to register as Republicans just to vote for him!  Deep votes.

It’s not enough to say “Vote Ron Paul”





WE NEED EVERY LAST VOTE ! Copy and paste this everywhere. — YouTube meme.

Who Cares About the US?

What if I’m not a US citizen?  Why should I care about foreign politics?

Nobody is on an island of their own.  The decisions of one country, especially one as big and powerful as the US, affect us all.

Let’s take the US’s friendly neighbour for example.  The attitude of the general population towards drugs, especially marijuana is much more relaxed and closer to Europe.  But Canada can’t politically act on those attitudes because Canada is the US’s economic bitch.  When 80% of Canada’s exports go to the US, you can be assured that any pro drug policies will have economic retribution à la tariff your face (I really hope you get the pun).

Ron Paul, while he doesn’t approve of drugs (although I would love to smoke up with him), makes the sensible call that the drug war is stupid.  Again, he’s saying what’s right at the risk of appearing “pro drug”.

Switching from bongs to bombs, a war mongering president will cost thousands of lives in global imperialization.

Ron Paul has repeatedly and consistently voted against imperialism.

Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

We want Leaders, not Politicians.  But this doesn’t mean the Leader will single handedly fix everything for us.  Remember those deep votes?  The power of leadership is that it inspires other leaders.  At every level in the pyramid, there are Leaders leading those below.  That’s right.  We’re all Leaders.  If we want our Politicians to act like Leaders, then we must do the same.

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Boob Tattoo

See more funny tattoos here.

I got a tattoo.  It covers my entire body.  I did the whole thing at once.  And I did it myself.

It would be all but impossible, if not for the design I chose: Null.  i.e., I’ve given myself a Null tattoo.  i.e., There is not a drop of ink on my entire body.

So…you didn’t get a tattoo…

Oh no, I did…


The first university class I ever took was calculus at 8am on a Monday morning.  They had told me about high flunk rates in first year, but I was about to experience what they meant.  The prof kept talking about “jiro” and I had no idea wtf that meant.  Was I supposed to know this?  Did everyone else know this?  A week had passed before I figured out he was saying “zero”.

But Jiro has been a puzzle for a lot longer:

Records show that the ancient Greeks seemed unsure about the status of zero as a number. They asked themselves, “How can nothing be something?”, leading to philosophical and, by the Medieval period, religious arguments about the nature and existence of zero and the vacuum…

The concept of zero as a number and not merely a symbol for separation is attributed to India where by the 9th century AD practical calculations were carried out using zero, which was treated like any other number, even in case of division. —Wikipedia

You have to admit, zero is a weird number.  When you add zero, you accomplish nothing.  When you multiply by zero, you get nothing.  And every time you divide by zero, a mathematician dies (bless the mathematicians).  It’s not even, it’s not odd.  It’s neither prime nor composite.  It’s excluded from the set of natural numbers — I guess that makes it unnatural.  No wonder it took us until the 9th century to accept zero as a number.

Given what we’ve learned from zero, why shouldn’t we accept the Null tattoo into tattoohood?

The Power of Nothing

Thirty spokes meet in the hub,
but the empty space between them
is the essence of the wheel.
Pots are formed from clay,
but the empty space between it
is the essence of the pot.
Walls with windows and doors form the house,
but the empty space within it
is the essence of the house.  —Lao Tse

Null Picture

Let’s say my body is a 300×300 pixel square (it won’t be far off pretty soon) where each pixel can be black or white.  There are 2^(300×300) possible designs, one of which is pictured below.


All white pixels is also one of the possible designs: the Null design.

Null Song

If a song is a combination of notes and silences, then a combination with only silences is the Null song.  Is the Null song a song?  Well at least 2 artists thought so, and were willing to put six figures worth of money where their mouth is.

Miles Davis famously described his improvisational technique as parallel to the way that Picasso described his use of a canvas: The most critical aspect of the work, both artists said, was not the objects themselves, but the space between objects.  In Miles’s case, he described the most important part of his solos as the empty space between notes, the “air” that he placed between one note and the next. —Daniel J. Levitin, This Is Your Brain on Music

Negative space is indeed an important concept in art.

So far we’ve managed to carve out some acceptance of the Null tattoo based on technical reasons, which are important, but only half the picture.  It’s time to get Real.

Getting Real (Like, Realistic)

You want the truth?  Don’t worry, you can handle it.  Not so sure about me.

I guess I’ll come clean and tell you I have an aversion to needle poking and a fear of permanency, which may have had something to do with my design decision.

Cat’s out of the bag.  Is this what it’s all about?  Just me being too pussy to get a tattoo?  Well, there is that, but not just that…

Getting Real (Like, Really)

The outward beauty of tattoos gets ooohs, aaahs, and deserved appreciation, but when you hear people really get into talking about their tattoos, they inevitable talk about what it means to them.  A tattoo is an outward expression of the inner self.  Like good sex, it may have its form on the skin, but it resides in the mind.

So what does my tattoo mean to me?

I am an abstractionist, an idealist, a dreamer.  I like seeing how things fit into the whole.  I take disparate concepts and integrate them.

I thought about a circle as an appropriate symbol, but like the Tao, once you express It, It evaporates.  To embrace everything, the ultimate symbol must be nothing.  Nothing encompasses everything, while at the same time being contained within the everything…and all that eastern philosophy crap that I won’t go into now.

Getting Real (Like, Naked)

I guess it would be unusual to talk about a tattoo so much and not show it, but given the nature and placement of my design, I think we’ll save that for a more intimate occasion…oh what the hey, here you go:

It looks similar to this one.  Sort of.  Okay, not really.

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No self respecting Chinese person would eat at a “Chinese” restaurant that is mainly populated by white folk, lest they want to risk being smote by their ancestors.  It also doesn’t help that they serve chop suey, egg foo yung, sweet and sour pork, General Tso’s chicken, and other crap that Chinese and discerning non-Chinese alike turn their nose up at.  “Only the unrefined would think this is Chinese food and actually enjoy it,” seems to be the predominant attitude.

To their credit, chop suey is decidedly not Chinese.  Although their is some mystery surrounding the origin of the dish, it is largely only served in North America and virtually unknown in China.  The name “chop suey” literally means “odds and ends”.  When I think of chop suey, I think of Ah Fook and Ah Yiu laughing in the kitchen, as they serve the crappy bits to their “foreigner” patrons who happily gobble it down and ask for more.

But is there more to this humble, yet widely popular dish?


We can think of “authentic” Chinese cooking as a set of dishes that “real” Chinese people eat, but the problem with that is dishes and flavours are constantly evolving.  What gets included and what does not?  To me, it is not the ingredients, recipes and methods that define Chinese cooking, but the approach and attitude.  Chinese have a long cultural history of taking food very seriously.  Much emphasis is placed not only on flavour, but also on health and symbolic value.

In difficult times, Chinese cleverness and ingenuity have sparked numerous new dishes that have become staples.  Real Chinese food is not stuck up in its ways, but is able to be resourceful and to adapt.  The popularity of “Chinese and American Food” type restaurants is a testament to that.  The dishes we think of as authentic — pork dumplings, steamed buns, egg noodles, etc. — did not exist at one point.  They had to be invented either out of dedication to the art or out of necessity.

Chop suey is just an extension of that tradition.  Sure, it may not make the greatest impact on the tongue, but with the right attitude, can have a great impact on the heart, which is what I think great food aims to do.

Now I’m gonna go eat me some white Chinese food, gonna enjoy it, and I don’t care what y’all think.

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The science says swallow…at least during pregnancy, according to this article entitled “Correlation between oral sex and a low incidence of preeclampsia: a role for soluble HLA in seminal fluid?“.  You need a subscription to read the whole article, but this excerpt from the abstract should suffice:

The present study shows that oral sex and swallowing sperm is correlated with a diminished occurrence of preeclampsia…

Of course, if that’s not enticing enough for you, who can resist crème caramel?


I have to wonder how funding for this study happened.  Perhaps the fact that science is still largely an “old boys club” came in handy.

Professor Scruemall: “You know, it’s no big deal, but, I mean, maybe I’m asking for too much, like she already does a great job and it feels…”

Professor Upyers: “Oh, what is it?”

Professor Scruemall: “My wife won’t swallow.”

Professor Upyers: “I see.”

Professor Scruemall: “Now, if perhaps there was a study proving the benefits to her, then maybe that would persuade her.  She does admire and believe in science…she married me after all.”

Professor Upyers: “I wonder if there’s already been a study on this before…well, no there isn’t.  And I guess somebody has to do it.”

Professor Scruemall: “I concur.  In the name of science!”

Professor Upyers: “But, what if it turns out it’s bad for you?”

Professor Scruemall: “Well, my wife doesn’t keep up with all scientific findings.”


Can you imagine setting up the study?

“Okay, you gals are in the control group.  No swallowing for you…”

“You gals won the toss.  Now swallow like good little girls, k?”

If they really want to get the youths interested in science, this story needs to be told.

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Everyone despises a selfish person; it’s one of those lessons we learn early in life.  But how does one go about being unselfish?  Is it possible, or even desirable to be completely unselfish?  If not, then what constitues a healthy amount of selfishness?

The Give All

Let’s begin by trying to construct the perfectly selfless person.  This person goes out of their way to help others, always putting others’ needs above their own.  Everybody knows somebody like this.  We tend to love these people to bits, and sometimes wish they would save a little bit of themselves for themselves.  Sometimes we even feel bad for receiving so much from them for little or nothing in return.  We may even feel guilty for not being able to reciprocate to the same extent.

Is this type of person truly selfless, though?  Surely, the act of helping others gives this person a good feeling.  We may even consider them selfish for monopolizing all the giving.  In fact, we can always make the argument that no matter what a person does for somebody else, they are getting a good feeling out of it, building bridges for future reciprocation, and ultimately being selfish!

In order to be truly selfless, a person must think about what we traditionally know about selfless people, then do the complete opposite of that, negating any good feelings that they would have gotten by helping others.  Which brings us to the opposite of the give-all person.

The Take All

Consider the person who only looks out for themselves, and only helps others when it benefits them.  The take-all person is that selfish person we despise.  But if we think about it, they aren’t actually being selfish at all.  They are totally screwing themselves over by severing ties and getting everyone to hate them.  They are being more selfless than the give-all person.

Does this mean that we should become take-all people in order to uphold the ideal of selflessness?  That’s absurd and completely useless, but how do we solve this puzzle?  What do we actually mean by being unselfish?

The Virtue of Selfishness

Read it online here.

The Be All

The key is to differentiate between selfishness and Selfishness.  The self is the individual we think of in the everyday context.  The Self is harder to define, but is sometimes referred to as the God Self, True Self or Higher Self amongst many others.

We can make the analogy that the self is like the individual cells that make up our body and the Self is like the body as a whole.  The Self has a responsibility to take care of all the individual selves while each self takes part in creating the Self.  Individual selves are contained within the Self, but the Self is also contained within each self — each cell contains the DNA blueprint for the entire body.  From this analogy, we can see why neither being a give-all or a take-all works, and how we can solve the selfish/unselfish conundrum.

The give-all is being Selfish but not selfish.  The take-all is being selfish but not Selfish.

The analogy also sheds light on the cliché, “it’s a world of give and take”, which we agree to intuitively and almost immediately.  The cells in the body give and take resources from one another, all to better the body as a whole, in turn serving to protect the individual cells.

It’s not actually selfishness that we despise; it’s selfishness in the absence of Selfishness.  Selfishness on its own is no good either.  We must be simultaneously Selfish and selfish, to the fullest extent, and in the Truest sense.

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Needlepoint for Men

Rosey Grier was a professional football player who also loved needlepoint. He loved it so much he wrote a book about it!

This is a response to some of the “women want real men” kind of material out there, and to the controversy my friend Linda Christensen stirred up in this blog post.

So you want a man who’s in control?  Who takes the lead?  Then STFU about wanting a man who leads.  How’s that for being in control?  Not what you were expecting?  Not what you wanted?  Well too bad.  Wanting somebody else in control means giving up control yourself, which means you might not always get what you want.

If you want somebody else in control, but also expect to get exactly what you want, that’s actually saying:

  • I want you to read my mind, and do exactly what I’m thinking.  Or…
  • I don’t know what I want, but I want you to do the work for me.  (i.e. I want to be the princess with entertainers lined up for me to dismiss.)
  • In BDSM, it’s equivalent to “topping from the bottom“.

I don’t doubt the sincerity with which women say they want a man who’s in control, and I understand this need (but not the need for 3 pairs of the same subtly-different-in-important-ways shoes).  But I think a lot of women cock block themselves from satisfying this need.

The Goldilocks Zone

Let’s look at what happens during a typical “man evaluation”:

  • Man Type 1. “I’m a down to earth guy who likes walks on the beach…”  Fucking boring.
  • Man Type 2. “We’re going to get our genitals pierced…”  WTF?

Where are all the normal yet not boring guys?  Why does it seem like there’s this huge gap in the “what I want” zone?  Consider this:

  • The Goldilocks Syndrome.  If I told you I was in -40 degree weather, you’d ask me if my balls froze off in the extreme temperature.  But the notion of “extreme” is centered purely upon our own perspective – it gets a lot colder and a lot hotter in most places in the Universe.  We’re conditioned to our Goldilocks zone.  But, but, but, want I want is so reasonable.  Of course, and so is what everyone else wants!  That huge gap might not actually be that big.
  • Guys know women don’t want somebody boring.  So they try to be different.  In being different, they take the risk of being “too extreme”.  And since everyone’s notion of “too extreme” is different, they end up being shot down by somebody, then are all confused.  It also means they might not be as extreme as they portray themselves to be.

Does this mean I think you should go get your genitals pierced?  Well, yes, but that’s not the point.  What we want to know is how to get that confident man who’s in control in a “good way”.

Winning the Lottery

A blond woman prays to God to win the lottery.  (Yes, we’re going with a blond joke.)  Everyday she prays, yet it still doesn’t happen.  A week, then a month, then several months go by and still nothing.  She starts getting angry and cursing God for not delivering on his promise of “ask and you shall receive”.  At this point God gets totally fed up and yells back from the Heavens, “Buy a damn ticket you stupid bitch!”

Like that blond woman, there are certain things you need to do in order to win the lottery and claim your prize:

  • If you want to hand over control, you have to first be in control yourself, because how can you give away something you don’t already have?  This means knowing who you are, what you want, where your boundaries are, what you value.  It means being happy by yourself, on your own.
  • Knowing your boundaries does not mean having dogmatically rigid boundaries.  Letting somebody else be in control means actually allowing them to lead, allowing them to bring you a little out of your comfort zone.  That’s where we find the excitement and discovery.  It doesn’t mean that you have to agree to everything and jump right in.  Let’s say somebody did ask you to get your genitals pierced and let’s assume that it is too extreme for you.  Would you be comfortable looking at an art exhibit of genital piercings?  Talking about it?  Being in the same room as people who are into it?  I’m obviously taking an “extreme” example here, but the principle applies to anything.  We can reduce our “step size”  in getting out of our comfort zone to discover new and exciting things, instead of looking at a huge, scary step and dismissing it altogether.
  • Stepping outside our comfort zone is scary, so it entails a certain amount of trust.  When we say, “I want a man who takes control”, we are also implying, “I want a man I can trust”.  Caution, however, not to look for a trustworthy person.  What?  Isn’t that contradictory?  No, it’s just a different way of thinking about trust.  As we evaluate somebody else’s trustworthiness, they are evaluating ours.  We also tend to trust people who trust us.  Trust is not a characteristic of an individual, but a relationship between individuals.

Catch 22

Women want a man who’s in control, so they express this, and men try to take control.  So in the end, men are only doing it because the women said so.  It’s like expressing the want for a surprise birthday party.  Once expressed, it’s not a surprise anymore, yet how are you going to get it if you don’t express it?

Don’t worry.  I’ve got a solution.

Be a Man, Do the Right Thing

MEN: Disregard everything women say they want.  Just be yourself.  But “myself” is just an insecure, unconfident man, you say.  I call bullshit.  Everyone has something they’re proud of.  Maybe it’s needlepoint.  Who cares if you think other people don’t think it’s sexy and exciting.  If you like it, then exude it, and other people will start to think it is sexy.  It’s not the thing itself, but the attitude you bring to it.  And if she isn’t willing to go beyond her comfort zone to meet you, well, she ain’t gonna win you without buying a ticket.

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Brain in Vat

My brain.

I’m often IDed to see if I’m old enough, sometimes to see if I’m young enough, and occasionally to see if I’m black enough (it’s in the other pocket, hun).  My ID has my name, my picture, my age, my address, my height and my weight about 15 lbs ago.  And this is supposed to represent Me?  The thing I call “I”?  What is the “I”?  How will “I” figure it out?

Get naked!  No, not (just) the clothes.  I mean really naked, down to the core.  What should be left is the quintessential and essential of that which I call “I”.

Circumcising the Body

All the atoms in my body are different every 7 years, but I’m still Me.  I can say that the structure is essentially the same, and it’s the structure that counts.  But even if I lose an arm, a leg, I’m still Me.  In fact, if it were scientifically feasible, I could pop my head off and attach it to an android body and I would still consider that to be essentially me.  I would even go so far as to be a “brain in a vat“, connected to the outside world via artificial sensors, and that would still be me.

The Lobotomy

So it seems that most of my identity is tied up in the headspace; we can almost completely destroy the body.  If my identity is tied up in my mind, then which parts of that can I lop off and still be Me?

Is it my personality?  My outlook on life?  Those parts of Me were very different when I was 5 years old, and 12 and 20.  Most of us feel comfortable saying, “I was a very different person”, but it is figurative.  We feel that it is the same essential “I” that was there, but that the “I” has changed and adapted.  (In some cases people do actually identify a previous segment of their life as  a different person.  In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the main character talks about himself prior to electroshock therapy as if he were a different person.)

Hard Drive Failure

Is it the string of memories that are all encoded in the same body?  Then what about people with amnesia?  Are they suddenly not themselves anymore?


Sebastian Seung says “I am my connectome“.  In short, my connectome is the map of all my neurological connections at any given time.  This means that it includes all my memories, sensory functions, linguistic and musical capabilities, reasoning abilities, and arguably, personality.  But if all my neurological connections are constantly changing, again what is the constant that I call “I”?

Experience Necessary

The only thing I can see that truly connects all of Me together and separates Me from You, is the direct Experience.  Through all my personality changes, outlook changes, bodily changes, gained and lost memories, “I” am the one who experienced all those things.  My experience is unique and separate from everybody else’s.

The Spirit

The concept of experience is closely related to our spirituality.  In the many faiths, we each have a soul, and when We die, our Soul goes to Heaven or Hell, to either experience eternal bliss or the eternal gnashing of teeth.  How readily we say “I” am going to heaven or “You” are going to Hell.   We automatically associate the experience with the quintessential Self, the Soul.

Even the non-religious strongly associate Experience with the Spiritual Self.  While listening to some boring dude talk about philosophy, we might  say, “I’m not really here” because instead of experiencing what is physically in front of us, we are in that fantasy with the midget, the 12 inch kielbasa, and a funnel.

The Connection

But even though our experiences are separate, they are connected and interwoven.

The “I” extends beyond our own bodies.  Most of us would rather lose an arm than a loved one because that loved one is more a part of the “I” than our own arm.

What about our bigger associations?  Our faith, our colleagues, people of the same philosophical/political blood?  The “I”, while perhaps being centered on the mind/brain, is spread across a much wider area than we usually think about.

Me and You and You and Me

If My experience and Your experience are linked, and the core of who We are is our collective Experience, then wouldn’t a higher quality of Experience also mean a higher quality of Life?  That’s the conclusion I’ve come to, so I see Life as Experience, and I try to experience more things, focusing on the experience possibilities of my decisions, and looking to enhance My experience and the experience of those around Me, because they interact in a Karmic cloud.

I think this is a useful exercise to get to the core of who We are, whatever it may be, and help us not stray too far away from Ourselves.

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Hypocrisy Stop Sucking Your Thumb

Every accusation of hypocrisy is also an act of hypocrisy.  —NaughtyGnosiophile

That is, unless the accuser has never been a hypocrite ever before in their life. It doesn’t mean we can’t assert that somebody is being a hypocrite.  The key word here is “accuse”.  Making a constructive observation one thing, but to indignantly judge others for something that we ourselves have done before is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Other Quotes On Hypocrisy

Politeness, n.  The most acceptable hypocrisy.  ~Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary, 1911

All of us are experts at practicing virtue at a distance.  ~Theodore M. Hesburgh

Just remember, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything and the wrong way is to keep trying to make everybody else do it the right way.  ~M*A*S*H, Colonel Potter

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.  ~Author Unknown

Hypocrisy is an homage that vice renders to virtue.  ~François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld, Maximes, 1678

Loud indignation against vice often stands for virtue in the eyes of bigots.  ~J. Petit-Senn

Hypocrisy Telemarketers

Be what you would seem to be – or, if you’d like it put more simply – never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.  ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

We are not hypocrites in our sleep.  ~William Hazlitt

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.  ~H.G. Wells

If it were not for the intellectual snobs who pay, the arts would perish with their starving practitioners – let us thank heaven for hypocrisy.  ~Aldous Huxley

Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents… pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Every man alone is sincere.  At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins.  We parry and fend the approach of our fellow-man by compliments, by gossip, by amusements, by affairs.  We cover up our thought from him under a hundred folds.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Friendship,” Essays, 1841

“Hypocrisy and distortion are passing currents under the name of religion” ~Mahatma Gandhi

“Mathematics allows for no hypocrisy and no vagueness.” ~Stendhal

“Hypocrisy is the lubricant of society.”  ~David Hull

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